Our strategic partners

Our strategic partnerships include 


SGB-SMIT, is the largest independent and pure-play transformer manufacturer in the world, with headquarters in Regensburg, Germany. They are represented on 3 continents in 8 countries with plants in Germany, the Netherlands, USA, Romania, Malaysia, India, China and the Czech Republic. With transformer expertise since 1913 they produce transformers ranging from 50 kVA up to 1,200 MVA.



Innolumis is known for its innovative products. We integrate knowledge of visual perception with the latest LED and lighting technologies – a Dutch invention which has brought about a breakthrough in sustainable public lighting. We are specialists in optimizing the light spectrum for the human eye and our luminaire focus the light where you want it, with no waste and with no light pollution.


Providing good shareholder value through investments in listed and unlisted entities showing solid returns


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