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SGB-SMIT CALIDUS (previously known as Powertech Calidus) supplies a complete range of transformer products which include T4 High Density Transformer Board Insulation; Cylinders; Spacers; Angle Rings; Clack Strips; Clack Blocks; Stripes; Clacks; Ribs; End Support; Low Density Transformer Board Insulation; Combie –Outer Collar; Inner Collar; Din Board-Corrugated Board; Cylinder; Strips.  Transformer Press Paper Insulation; Transformer Accessories; Tubes And Cylinders as well as Copper Strip and Rods.



Dorper WInd Farm

Dorper Wind Farm (RF) Pty Ltd was selected as a preferred bidder under round 1 of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) run by the South African Government’s Department of Energy (DoE).



Power Matla Innolumis

Power Matla Innolumis (Pty) Ltd, a company formed between the Power Matla Group (Pty Ltd) and the Netherlands based
Innolumis Public Lighting BV, was established in South Africa in March 2017 as a black owned company.  The formation of the company leverages on the existing operations of the Power Matla Group in the electrification sector and the international backing and technology transfer of a leading Dutch LED street lighting company Innolumis.

Vintage Energy

Vintage Energy, a local renewable energy company based in Gauteng, is committed to developing and providing Africa with clean and renewable energy in order to ease energy shortages as well as humankind’s impact on the environment in Africa.


EduVOD South Africa is a member of the Power Matla group of companies. The company offers a content delivery solution developed to deliver e-Learning content to schools via satellite or terrestrial broadcast networks.

The solution is hosted at a TV broadcast or data centre, and manages the receipt, processing and delivery of digital content assets over the broadcast network.

Orion Minerals

Orion Minerals is an ASX and JSE listed mining company which is aiming to deliver shareholder value by exploring and developing its high quality portfolio of projects located in the Areachap Terrain, Northern Cape, South Africa and continued exposure, via a free carried interest, to exploration in the Fraser Range, Western Australia.


SGB-SMIT POWER MATLA is owned by SGB-SMIT (GmbH) and Power Matla. The company supplies a full range of transformers, from generator step-up to transmission and distribution transformers. The range includes three-phase and single-phase units, auto-transformers, arc-furnace, locomotive and traction transformers, miniature sub-stations, NECRT’s as well as shunt reactors.

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