SGB-SMIT POWER MATLA is an established South African company with strong regional advantages, strengthened with the global knowledge and expertise of the SGB-SMIT Group. The company has more than 70 years proven track record and successes to design, manufacture, test, install and commission a wide range of power and distribution transformers. The Pretoria plant is home to a fully equipped laboratory, with the testing and analysis capability for various materials (including transformer oil), which complements the project and service department, in addition to also supporting external companies for lab services.

The Cape Town distribution manufacturing plant manufactures distribution transformers from 16kVA up to and including 5MVA 36kV, miniature substations, LNER’s, NECRT’s and other related equipment for customers in Africa.

The Pretoria plant has a manufacturing capacity from 10 MVA up to and including 800 MVA and up to 420 kV.  The manufacturing range covers power and specialist application transformers such as furnace transformers, rectifier transformers, traction transformers, shunt reactors and related equipment. The production facility includes a fully accredited testing facility, which is currently the largest facility of its kind in Africa.  This testing facility is a strategic advantage and all transformers manufactured are tested according to international standards (IEC 60076).

The company has a successful track record of manufacturing and testing high voltage transformers with the most recent 500 MVA/400/132/22 kV unit passing all factory acceptance tests at the end of July 2020.   This is the second 500MVA 400kV unit successfully passing FAT in 2020!  The Pretoria plant presently have 3 additional similar units in production, all which are destined for the national utility to support and augment the power grid.

The latest success of SGB-SMIT POWER MATLA is the result of great teamwork – both in the Pretoria factory and within the wider SGB-SMIT Group: the international cooperation amongst group members involved in all steps starting from design to production right the way through until the test phase.

This achievement demonstrates the commitment, knowledge and experience within the local South African team, which are bolstered by the Group’s technical specialists. The technical support of the entire Group represents a tremendous competitive advantage and is a crucial aspect for the South African team to continue on the path of continuous improvement.  The latest success also demonstrates the South African capability to provide sustainable solutions for the African continent.

Playing to regional strengths and increasing global expertise is an important factor for SGB-SMIT POWER MATLA, and instilling confidence in our company and strengthening relationships with our customers and continuing to be a dedicated partner for our customers. 

SGB-SMIT POWER MATLA is owned by SGB-SMIT (GmbH) and Power Matla. SGB-SMIT, is the largest independent and pure-play transformer manufacturer in the world, with headquarters in Regensburg, Germany. They are represented on 3 continents in 8 countries with plants in Germany, the Netherlands, USA, Romania, Malaysia, India, China and the Czech Republic. With transformer expertise since 1913 they produce transformers ranging from 50 kVA up to 1,200 MVA.  Power Matla (Pty) Ltd is a locally owned black empowered company with investments in various portfolios within the renewable energy, ICT, healthcare, mining and power utilities markets providing good shareholder value and solid returns.